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  • 5 weeks of laser-beam coaching on each profit pillar. 
    ($10,000 Value!)
  • 24/7 access to live calls and training materials. All your questions answered. You can send me an email if you can't be on the call, and I'll make sure you get a complete and accurate answer.                         
    ($5,000 Value!)
  • Kahuna CashFlow Calculator and deep-dive training which is a “magic pill”template to plug-and-play for what makes a great deal.
    ($2,000 Value!)
  • Your reserved seat to our 3-Day Live Event. This is going to be an exclusive, limited, and intimate event. You’re going to understand, fully, what makes a great deal. I’m going to show you exactly what I see, show you the numbers, and help you understand HOW I evaluate deals. See with your own eyes, in REAL LIFE where the money is being made.  
    ($15,000 Value!)
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